Monday, October 1, 2012

romping stomping miss camper

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if i was to ever attend a rocket summer concert, i would wave my hands in the air and stomp in my cowgirl boots in excitement. i love flowers so it's quite apt to have it all over my super short shorts. and peter pan collars are signature so there's nothing amiss there.

add a spritz of fcuk friction and i think i'm set to bounce all the way from my house to space all in time for the rocket summer. :)

##attire - brand
crochet peter pan collared singlet top - chicabooti
floral denim super shorts shorts - valleygirl
cowgirl boots

##make up
sandy pink eyeshadow - bling (daiso)
black liquid eyeliner - face of australia
black noir mascara - maybelline pulse perfection
pink shimmer blush - the face shop
sparkle pink lip gloss - maybelline color 140


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