Tuesday, February 5, 2013

spotty military parade

spots and dots mark a batty beginning to a jagged morning at the military camping site.

march, soldier, march!  (in camel coloured military boots)
to captain's orders in a spotty dress. the order of the day is to slay as many dotty spotty targets on the pitch as possible with kisses and hugs. there's no bigger peace than a piece of loving strawberry crème cake in sight of your own company.

black woollen cardigan - ses
white slim tummy cinching belt - valleygirl
dotty spotty dress - ses
camel coloured military boots - therapy

black liquid eyeliner - face of Australia
kohl eyeliner pencil - revlon
pink shimmer blush - the face shop
eye shadow - (in chocolate for crease, pink for lid, and vanilla crème for brow bone) the face shop
pink shimmer lip gloss - modelco


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