Saturday, February 9, 2013

stencil heart

wear your heart on your stencil, and cover it in black lace on a crimson note. loveless lovers can disappear in smoke. and pretty lovers can devote their time to roses and chocolate for their pretty friends.

slip on a tight tube mini, and cute flats and prepare yourself for a stencil heart in black lace hand delivered from your lovely lover.

crimson black flower pleated top - temt
black tummy cinching gold-plated belt - temt
mini tube skirt - ses
black flats - kmart

black liquid eyeliner - face of australia
kohl eyeliner pencil - revlon
eyeshadow (duo - suede) - smooch
pink shimmer blush - the face shop
mascara - rimmel scandaleyes show off
lipstick (juicy pink) - maybelline


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