Sunday, September 30, 2012

flower power on grapes and denim

if there was a hippie moment, it'd be a moment to share with luscious grapes and flowers by the side.
it's a holiday so take a ride in your car and wave your hands everywhere. put on your wedged sandals and get ready to take a walk around the grassy plains with your straw basket filled with plenty of buttered bread rolls, crackers, pesto and ham. crack open the coca cola, and don't forget the velvet grapes 'cause it's always a good time.

##attire - brand
strapless flowers and grape layered top - h&m
stonewashed dark denim shorts - dotti
black cardigan with a lace crochet rimmed collar - temt
tan wedged sandals - tony bianco

##make up
sandy pink eyeshadow - bling (daiso)
black liquid eyeliner - face of australia
black noir mascara - maybelline pulse perfection
sparkle pink lip gloss - maybelline color 140
toenails (gorgeous grape) - db


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