Sunday, September 30, 2012

spotty dotty blues and pinks

this post is dedicated to my dear friend who is currently in the blues.
there's nothing happy about being in the blue, but add some spots and a pink floaty skirt, mini or otherwise plus not minus some lip gloss and a happy smile and watch your day bloom.

addit: wedged black pumps are definitely not going to go amiss either.

i think being the blues is sad, but dedicate your worries upstairs and watch everything turn from sour to sweet. :)

let's step in time to neyo's tunes together in cute pumps and start a new day, opening new doors and closing sad ones behind us.

##attire - brand
blue dotty spotty cardigan - chicabooti
pink tutu miniskirt - chicabooti
black wedged pumps - inniu
pearls courtesy of diva
headband - gift from friend

##make up
false eyelashes
black eyeliner pencil - revlon
white eyeliner - db savvy
pink shimmer blush - the face shop
peach coloured lip gloss - w7


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