Sunday, September 30, 2012

pink iced with minty green

i love a cupcake with pink icing, but i do love a minty green colored car even more.
what if i blended the colors into together and showed my love with a pair of dalmation spotty flats?

there's something about channeling a chanel cropped jacket in cupcake pink and ice cream white with a minty green pussy bow top. i think i want some dessert...! (within range of a pastel minty green colored vehicle)

##attire - brand
cropped cupcake pink and ice cream white jacket - temt
minty green pussy bow top - valleygirl
super short fringed shorts - valleygirl
dalmation spotty flats - bellissimo (shoebox)

##make up
black liquid eyeliner - face of australia
pink shimmer blush - the face shop
black noir mascara - maybelline pulse perfection
pink lip gloss (essence in gloss) - the face shop


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