Sunday, September 30, 2012

pearls on black and caramel

i like treats and i don't mind a caramel slice, especially wrapped in pearls.
i prefer to don my overly large, over-sized spectacles so i can spot my favourite caramello koalo in the supermarket aisle and dance by the trolleys in my dalmation spotty flats.  in comfort, of course.

there's nothing more precious than pearls on black and white and spot of gold buttons on a pair of delicious caramel shorts. jewelled up and ready to rock.

##attire- brand
black and white tweed jacket - paper scissors
pinky black bow top - paper scissors
caramel tummy clinching super shorts - chicabooti
dalmation spotty flats - bellissimo
pearls courtesy of diva

##make up
black liquid eyeliner - face of australia
black noir mascara -  maybelline pulse perfection
pink lip gloss (essence in) - the face shop


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